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Assistant Professor

City University of New York (CUNY), Brooklyn College

Department of Psychology

Fall 2016-2018

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Princeton University

Department of Psychology

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

Adviser: Dr. Elizabeth Levy Paluck


New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D., Social Psychology

Advisers: Drs. Peter M Gollwitzer, Gabriele Oettingen, Jay J. Van Bavel

Harvard University, Harvard College

B.A., Cum Laude in a Field, Philosophy (Mind, Brain, Behavior)

Advisers: Drs. Susanna C. Siegel, Daniel M. Wegner



Gantman, A. P., & Paluck, E. L., (in press). What is the psychological appeal of the serial rapist model? Worldviews predicting endorsement. Behavioral Public Policy.

Gantman, A. P., Gomila, R., Martinez, J. E., Matias, J. N., Paluck, E.L., Starck, J., Wu, S., & Yaffe, N. (in press). A pragmatist philosophy of psychological science and its implications for replication: Commentary on Zwaan et al. Brain and Behavioral Sciences.

Gantman, A. P., Van Bavel, J. J. (2016). Exposure to justice alters moral word detection. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145, 17-28.

Gantman, A. P., & Van Bavel, J.J. (2015). Moral perception. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19, 631-633.

Gantman, A. P. & Van Bavel, J. J., (2014). The moral pop-out effect: Enhanced perceptual awareness of morally relevant stimuli. Cognition, 132, 22-29.